Mysterious Cloaked Figure’s Astonishing Test 26

Time for the TWENTY-SIXTH edition of the M.C.F.A.T., or Mysterious Cloaked Figure’s Astonishing Test?

1) Which pieces of (snail) mail do you typically open first or with the most urgency?
Anything that isn’t an obvious bill or piece of junk mail. If I get a card or a letter, it gets opened right away.

2) You’re under attack from some thugs; which fictional character from one of Joss Whedon’s shows is best suited to help you out?
Probably some girl with an odd name like Faith, Buffy, Echo or River. Joss always has females do all the ass-kicking. I think I like River best.

3) What is one compulsive habit you wish you could quit?
I don’t really have a compulsive habit. Maybe staying up too late reading blogs.

4) Of all the cartoons you may have watched as a child, which had the strongest lasting influence on your life?
After much thought, I’ve decided on this one.

SPECIAL BONUS QUESTION: What functional type of fashion accessory is most common among the heroes of the DC Universe?
Obviously, the external boxer brief.