The Happiness Pie

At my parents a few weeks ago, I had a tasty piece of IGA-made cherry pie with a scoop of Blue Bunny vanilla ice cream. The combination was exquisite. The tastes complimented each other. It wasn’t too sweet, too cold or too hot. It was perfect. I called it the happiness pie.

Finding the right combination is what everyone wants. Sometimes two things come together and make a new thing. Yellow and blue come together and make green. The right combination of two people can produce great things even if the combination doesn’t even last that long – music, art, literature and even babies.

Relationships are too complicated to be boiled down to the sum parts of the ingredients, but just like any recipe if something is missing or changed it won’t be right. It’s easy to rattle off cliches such as two people are like “two peas in a pod” or “peanut butter and jelly” or whatever. The truth is people aren’t like cookie cutters, otherwise we’d all be clones. Individuality is important for compatibility. The sum of the parts make a big difference.

Another cliche is “there’s someone for everyone out there.” Plenty of movies and books have elaborated on that tired chestnut. I think it’s more accurate that people hope there’s someone out there for them. Nobody cares too much about the smelly guy sitting in the corner of Starbucks. People are, I believe, a bit selfish in the relationship scene.

I am quietly envious of my friends and family who are in wonderfully committed and seemingly well-rounded relationships. Where’s my significant other who makes my heart a pitter-patter? Who I can snuggle with on the couch? Who will tell me when I’m completely off base and who has my back even when they know I’m wrong?

I’m constantly struggling with the idea of being too picky. Does my parameters/experience/likes/dislikes mesh with the other person? Is the reverse true? Nothing is easy. Until it is.

So, we single peeps continue to throw ourselves out there. Using friends and family as conduits for dates or exploring the scary world of online dating. I don’t know if there’s someone out there for me. I hope so.

I just want my piece of the happiness pie.