MCF’s Poll of Randomosity

The title says it all:

1) When you see Kurtwood Smith, do you think ”Red Forman” or ”Clarence Boddicker”?
Actually, I see the Federation President from Star Trek 6.

2) Do our social roles during our school years lock us in to who we will be for the rest of our lives? No. Not everyone is forever known as their Breakfast Club monikers.

3) Do you typically come to a full stop at a Stop Sign? Yes, more often than not.

4) Which is prettier: a sunrise or a sunset? Sunset is prettier. I like dusk.

5) On a recent episode of Reaper, one of the characters uses Les Nessman as a fake name. On a recent 30 Rock, a character was referred to as a ”Radar O’Reilly”. I love such pop culture nods, but as I’m getting older, I wonder: does anyone under the age of 30 get these references? Possibly the Les Nessman WKRP one… doubtful on the M*A*S*H reference. Anyone under 30 hardly remembers a time before Google. Google is your friend.

6) Does your imagination ever cause you to wince? Yes. I’ve written something that caused me to wince because the character I’d created did something I would never, ever do.

7) Is there a place in science fiction for more fantastic elements such as intervention from a higher power, celestial beings, or shared visions? Sure. Have you not read Chariots of the Gods? or Communion? I do think it was shite on Battlestar Galactica.

8) Baked or original Doritos? Probably original given the choice.

9) Can crazy people see this question? Yes, but will they answer?

10) Does anyone still use rotary phones? Yes. My parents did forever. I’m sure there are people and places that still do.

11) Should the Poll go up to 11? Everything should go to 11. Marshall Amps are just the obvious example.