Cheesy Eggs and Bacon Breakfast Bowl a la Sean McDevitt

I am a decent cook when I put my mind to it and get to practice once or twice with the recipe. One of the best things I cook (usually on the weekend) is a cheesy egg and bacon breakfast bowl. Here’s how I do it.

3 or 4 eggs
Tablespoon of butter
Teaspoon of sour cream
Half a cup of cheddar cheese
4 or 5 strips of crispy bacon
Salt and pepper

Combine cracked eggs and butter into a soup pot (not a skillet) over generous heat. It is imperative to constantly whisk the eggs. At no point are the eggs allowed to simply cook in the pot.

To avoid overcooking, take the pot off the heat and back on several times. As soon as the eggs start to coalesce, take the pot off the heat and add your sour cream and most of your cheddar cheese. Continue to whisk until the eggs are no longer runny, but light and fluffy.

Allow the eggs to fully cook in the pot off of the direct heat. This step helps eliminate overcooking and burnt eggs.

Pan fry or microwave your bacon until crispy and break into pieces. Add the bacon pieces, remaining cheddar cheese and salt and pepper to taste.

Add everything to a bowl and enjoy!

Of course, you can add green peppers, chives or diced potatoes/tomatoes, eliminate the cheddar cheese or have sausage instead of bacon in the bowl or on the side.

I’ve never under or over cooked my scrambled eggs using this method and the result is a creamy and fluffy egg.

Now, I’m hungry.