Star Trek Sequel Villain… Spock

Pretty much everyone I know has seen Star Trek, probably more than once. I enjoyed the movie and felt the positives easily overcame any of the nit picky negatives.

As the movie-going public shifts summer gears to giant robots fighting each other (and the puny humans in the way), my mind is still racing along with the Enterprise at warp 9. Immediately after it was confirmed the movie was the first real hit of the summer, talk of the sequel started buzzing around the internet. In fact, writers have already been hired to write the next movie and are currently bouncing ideas off the wall.

I suggested an actor to play Khan in the sequel in my review. However, I think I have a much better villain for the sequel. Spock Prime.

You see, I believe when the Narada and Spock went back in time they also traversed into a parallel universe. Spock Prime uncovers this subtle yet important distinction and decides to find a way to cross back over. Unfortunately, the cross over involves the stealing of the Enterprise and creating a rip in space.

The story progressed with Spock Prime taking over the Enterprise along with Kirk, Spock and McCoy, Admiral Pike with Scotty, Chekov, Uhura and Sulu in pursuit on the experimental Excelsior, Spock Prime suffering from Bendii Syndrome and becoming more emotional, a Klingon spy, a capture, an escape, space battles and Spock Prime being shot into an ion storm in a specially modified photon torpedo with transporter capabilties.

Just where does he end up though?

Could be fun. I’ll have my people call J.J.’s people and make something happen.