#1stdraftmovielines | #1stdraftmovies

This past week there was a highly entertaining meme that cropped up called First Draft Movie Lines. The idea was for you to tweet a famous or memorable movie line as it might have appeared in an early draft of the script.

I saw it originally under the hashtag of #1stdraftmovielines which, unfortunately, doesn’t trend well in Twitter. It turned into #1stdraftmovies. Anyway, it was great reading and I contributed a few myself. Here’s a sampling of some good ones by some famous folks.

MiramaxFilms “Tahoe, Baby. Tahoe” 🙂

slashfilm “Next Saturday night, we’re sending you back to the 1985!”

AlYankovicI coulda had class. I coulda been a contender. Well… apparently THAT’S not gonna happen now!”

rainnwilson “The first rule of Fight Club is: everyone *has* to bring something for pot-luck Mondays.”

And my favorite (that I read):

ruckawriter “No, Mister Bond! I expect you to remember every detail of my plan, escape, seduce my lesbian pilot, and defeat me!”

And my humble contributions…

sean_mcdevitt “Looks like the University of Indiana!”

sean_mcdevitt “Do you like our pink panther Mr. Decker?”

sean_mcdevitt “I have been and always shall be your buddy”

sean_mcdevittWelcome to Jurassic Park and Ride”

And my personal favorite…

sean_mcdevitt Cute Kittens. Very dangerous. You go first.

Add your contributions in the comments.