MCF’s Poll of Randomosity 12

It’s another Poll of Randomosity! MCF lists ten random questions, answers them in his own unque way, and then asks other to follow suit. Here’s my take.

1) Is change avoidable?
The only thing constant is change. The future is change and we always move forward.

2) Are cats good for protection?
It would depend on the size of the cat.

3) Do potatoes and tacos mix?
If the potatoes were diced and spiced, I think they would taste wonderfully in tacos.

4) Do you live every day like it’s your last?
No, although I hear that’s an interesting philosophy to try. I’d rather just try and live my life the way I want to live it.

5) Are our minds measured in degrees of sanity or madness?
Yes, but who’s doing the measuring?

6) What have I got in my pockets?

If you’re Bilbo, the answer is the One Ring. If you’re the Joker, nothing but knives and lint. If you’re me, likely my cell phone and my keys.

7) When was your last real vacation?
Phoenix and San Diego Comic Con back in July. First real vacation in AGES.

8) Is it wise to cross the street near a stop sign?
Is it wise to even cross the street? What is on the other side? Is it better? Is it more fun? Is someone waiting for you on the other side? What if it was a Yield sign? Would they actually stop if you were trying to cross the street?

9) Do you know The Muffin Man?
I am the muffin man. “You ain’t seen nothin’ till you’re down on the muffin’”

10) How can a person increase his or her own energy?
Sleep? 5-Hour Energy drink? Redbull? Tru Blood?