Recently, I went through a filing cabinet full of loose papers. I really had no idea what I was going to find.

It was kind of like treasure hunting. I’d find a detailed blueprint of a Star Destroyer I bought in 1980 and then a crappy poem I wrote in 1994. I found plenty of comic book scripts and two signed by Mark Waid. I found Joe Casey’s Crash Comments from the early part of the decade and dozens of How to Write articles from Stephen King, Dan Simmons and Elmore Leonard. Pages of collected quotations from a variety of sources such as Alexander Pope, Plato and Thoreau were fun to flip through.

I organized the piles and then collected them into notebooks. I spent $40 and made spiral notebooks of the good stuff. I now have a notebook of all my collected quotes, scripts and other assorted bits of writing I’d squirrled away.

The best thing I found was all 25 scripts of Corrective Measures. My friend Grant Chastain’s best creation is now collected in four notebooks of six scripts each (the last one has seven, I know). The first 12 issues have been turned into two graphic novels. One is out now and the other will be out early next year.

It was my honor to read these scripts first. I know what happens to Brody and the rest of the denizens of San Tiburon. Plus, I know what happens next after volumes one and two. The second 12 is even better than the first 12 and if he ever decides to keep writing, I’ve seen the outline for the 12 after that. It just gets better and better.

However, the ups and downs of the comic book industry are such that I may never see the actual comic books produced of these scripts. That would be a shame.

At least I have the scripts to read. So much fun… Hey, look! Officer McDevitt! I wonder if he makes it out alive?