The Adult in the Room: Healthcare Reform

I don’t usually live blog my thoughts and comments regarding a speech by the President. This time, I’m making an exception. I have a feeling this speech will be historic. I have no basis for this feeling. It’s going to be an important speech, but I think it just might be more.

This President has to become an advocate for his health care position. For far too long, he’s let the opposition define it. Now is the time to present remarks directly to the American people. Now is the time for the President to act like an adult.

I hope to hear something that can be talked about for years to come. I hope he comes out swinging. Coffee is for closers, Mr. President.

We start late. Nice red power tie. No baby blue.

Leading with jobs and economic stimulus. I love how he uses the camera when addressing the American people. Never mind, right into Healthcare.

Good examples. He’s not coming across like a professor, thank goodness.

“Partisan spectacle” – nice.

I like that he’s laying out what he wants. Gimme the details!

Is he saying the exchange plan is essentially what elected officials get? Perfect.

Using McCain’s own plans against the Republicans. Bipartisanship, FTW!

Simple outline of the three tenants of his plan.

Attacking Palin now on the death panel remarks. “It is a lie, plain and simple.” Yes. Yes, it is.

Someone actually shouted at the President! I can’t believe that happened. Guy should apologize immediately.

Promoting the not-fot-profit option on the exchange plan. I like his college analogy.

What the hell is the paper/sign some of them are holding?

Slamming the Republicans on the previous administrations excesses. Beautiful.

He doesn’t want to demonize insurance companies – he just wants to hold them accountable.  This is the best line of the night.

Right back to praising a Republican idea. Rope a dope. Nobody does this better.

“We will call you out!” Wow. Will he actually call them liars in public? I hope so.

Right back to pulling on the heart strings. A letter from Ted Kennedy. Nobody can trump that.

Here’s the catch phrase/theme: “Character of our Country.”  It is a moral imperative.

I like the call back to 1965 and the commentary about the debate then. I was hoping he might use “right side of history.”

“We are not here to fear the future, but to shape it.” Excellent turn of a phrase.

I thought he might build on the “I Still Believe…” lines.

And were done. Excellent presentation. He answered the critics, outlined his plan, explained how it will be paid for and simulteneously praised and criticized the Republicans.

And now the Republican response… Yawn. Who is this guy? Nobody knows except the people of his state. He’s delivering a speech written before the President presented his. Who cares? Why do we have to restart? Looking him up online…

I think the President did a great job illustrating what he wanted. I thought it used history well and pushed forward ideas for the future. Making pre-existing conditions illegal will play well.

As usual, he’s the adult in the room.