A Coach’s Life

My brother is a middle-school teacher who also coaches at the high school level in baseball and football. He was always a far better athlete than I was and knows sports, scores and statistics. I can tell you who played Darth Vader and he can tell you who played right field for the Cardinals in 1968.

Today, I received an email from my brother talking about his high school football team, Stillman Valley, and how they handled a team which last year went far in the playoffs. SV has a decent football program and they tend to go deep in the high school playoffs. I’ve never known Ryan to have written anything creativity or with as much “I was there!” feeling as the following:

Well, this was as big a game as we are probably gonna see up this way during the regular season.  Lots of hype.  Richmond was carrying tons of momentum from last season’s 4A playoff run and then blowing out 2 teams this season.  Place was packed.  Media was there and so on.

I’m not gonna lie.  They didn’t have an answer for our speed.  Yeah, we’ve got some speed with our skilled positions, but more importantly they couldn’t respond to our line’s quickness.  Our line which consists of guys all around 210 lbs, blew them off the ball and controlled the game.  In the 1st quarter, we botched a pitch which they scooped and scored to make it 7-0 them.  We took the next drive and scored to respond.  In the 2nd quarter, our little HBs put on a show with some nice moves.  We scored again to make it 12-7 at half.  In the 3rd quarter, our junior FB rumbled for about 60 yards and then our QB on the next play kept an option and scored to make it 18-7.  Under 5 minutes left to go, our defense was getting real tired.  They were moving the ball on us.  They had the ball on our side of the field.  They missed an exchange on a handoff.  Guys went diving after it….from both teams.  Like 4 red jerseys and 4 white jersey are tugging after this thing.  No joke, it squirts out to arguably our fastest DB and he literally just picks it up and runs back 58 yards for a TD.  It was almost comical.  No, it was hilarious.

So here we are, 3-0, just beat a semi-final team in 4A from last season who also might go 8-1 on the season and sitting pretty good.  It will be nice to have Marengo and Lutheran the next 2 weeks.  We won’t be prepping for all-state football players or hall-of-fame football coaches like Duvall (SJO) either.  Time to recover a bit.  Let a few wounds heal up and remain confident.

I’ve encouraged him to keep doing these post-game round-ups. I hope he does.