A Thousand Little Needles

I saw arguably the best slide guitar player in the world last Thursday and I’ve been paying the price ever since.  Let me explain.

Thursday night I was invited to the opening night of the Ellnora Guitar Festival and had an incredible time. I saw Chicha Libre, a band I’d never heard before, play their brand of psychedelic surf. If Robert Rodriguez doesn’t use these guys for one of his movies, I’ll be disappointed. Of course, the highlight of the evening was The Derek Trucks Band. Again, I had no idea who Derek Trucks was before last Thursday. Afterwards, I immediately grabbed his latest CD from the library.

Even though we had plenty to drink and some awesome food, we still only ended up three rows from the stage. I guess we could have just parked ourselves at the front of the stage, but then we would have missed the museum, Guitar Hero and free picks. Ten feet away from Eric Clapton’s sideman? I’ll take it.

I quickly realized this Derek Trucks guy was going to draw a crowd. Thirty minutes before the band was scheduled to hit the stage, it was wall-to-wall people. You couldn’t move. The crush of patrons was, amazingly, civilized save for one gentleman who asked, in a sugar sweet voice, a backpack wearing college kid to kindly take his fucking backpack off and move to the complete other side of the crowd before he beat the snot out of him. The backpack kid just looked at him slack jawed and asked, “Are you serious?” His friends restrained him from knocking this kid’s head off.

The only downside to this musically filled evening was the fact I had to stand for three hours plus with a variety of semi-sweaty people, grooving to the music. By the end of the night, my legs, feet and ankles were in tremendous pain.

I was so sore, I was reasonably worried I wouldn’t be able to walk up my steps. After finally sitting down, I had a tingly sensation up and down my legs. A thousand little needles.

Consequently, all weekend long I’ve been nursing my right ankle. I mostly tried to stay off of it, put it up and take some decent drugs to dull the strained muscles and tendons. I probably should have started a cold compress. By the way, two Vicodin do not even dent my ankle pain. I’m scared to take more.

What a drag it is getting old.