Hello. I’m having a perfectly awful morning.

Hello. I’m having a perfectly awful morning.

I woke up with pain in my ankle for no apparent reason. I took Ibuprofen and wrapped it in a bandage. This was painful to do and not particularly easy.

I got to work and proceeded to make changes to outdated PDFs. This was not even remotely creative nor challenging. It needed to be done. As I was updating my information, I accidentally deleted a shortcut folder off my desktop. I then had to go back and find the original in a mess of folders on the server and redo it.

Later, I was informed we had sent out a CD with a print job on it that had an incorrect PDF, but a correct InDesign file. Changes were made to the original InDesign, but a new PDF wasn’t created. Plus, when we tried to convert the updated file into a PDF, we had font and other problems with it. Had to contact the freelance designer to do it. Waste of time and effort.

Yesterday’s work on a new logo for a new program was washed away by a decree not to use it, which is fine, but exasperating.

At lunch, I step wrong on the side of the sidewalk and twist my bad ankle even worse. I hobble to my SUV to get something better than a can of chunk chicken breast for lunch. At this point, a turning point happened.

I had told the the smiling and helpful cashier that I was having a bad morning. She rang up my order and it came up trip sevens. We both took this is as a sign things were about to get better.  The rest of my day is about to start. Let’s see how it goes.