Anger Leads to Hate and Hate Leads to Suffering and Suffering Leads to Lawsuits

Amazingly, there is an International Church of Jediism. Even more amazing is that there are people who actually subscribe to this pseudo-religion. Of course aren’t they all pseudo? But I digress…

An adherent of the so-called religion, Daniel Jones, recently accused a grocery store of discrimination because he wouldn’t remove his hood. The store employees asked him to remove the hood and he refused on the grounds of religious reasons and handed them a card proclaiming his religious status. Of course, the store responded with the undeniable fact that we saw plenty of Jedi in the movies without hoods on. A fictional story being used as evidence for a fictional religion. If you put one ounce of thought to this it’s simply ridiculous.

All in all, it’s pretty amusing from the standpoint of look at the crazy dude and his made-up religion making store employees nervous. Come to think of it, if you remove the specific religion (Jediism) and insert any other religion and store employees asked, say, a Jew to take off their kippah or a Muslim to remove their hijab you’d have an international incident.

The true question is why? Aren’t all religions and their made-up rules and regulations just stupid to being with?