A Story of a Thousand Tweets

From Metafilter:

One day ago, Neil Gaiman wrote the beginning of a story, which was retweeted by BBC Audiobooks America as the first of a thousand or so tweets that would be compiled and edited to become an audiobook. People are still contributing, and BBCAA’s blog has four scenes compiled (1, 2, 3, summary of scenes 1-3, and 4), for a total of 175 tweets. When 1,000 or so tweets are logged, they’ll be edited into a script, and produced in a studio to make the final audiobook, which will be released for free on BBCAA’s website.

Since Metafilter’s post went up, Scenes 5 and 6 are now complete, but the whole thing is still under 300 tweets. I couldn’t keep away and I contributed another line that got picked up into the narrative:

Scene 5 #41 The magpie squawked at Sam’s outburst. The raven haired woman just smiled.

Of course, it makes zero sense out of context. So, please read the story from the start. It’s quite good. A bit like a mashup of Alice in Wonderland meets Coraline. Also, apparently lots of puppets live on the other side of the mirror.