It’s A Hard Tech Life For Me

I always find it interesting to see what writers use to do their work. Stephen King writes on some antiquated Apple laptop. Warren Ellis writes on some funky contraption in a pub after consuming roughly 372 cans of Red Bull.  I do most of my best work in bed (cue the snare/cymbal) on my laptop.

So, I thought it would be interesting to list out what I use for writing and other tech related stuff.

Primary Computer: 13″ MacBook I do not play video games on my computer or at least the ones that are all the rage if you have a nice PC system with a giant monitor to play them. I play games on my daughter’s Wii, if I play video games at all. I am, however, on the internet seemingly 24 hours a day. I never worry about nasty computer viruses when I visit places I might not ought to visit.

Operating System: Leopard 10.5.8. There is nothing finer than the Macintosh Operating System. Tech geeks will say Unix. The sheep will say Windows 7. The ones that just want the fucking computer to work… we use Mac.

Browser: Firefox 3.5.5. Safari is super fast, but I like my Add Ons. Chrome might be a viable alternative, but I’m so comfortable with Firefox I can’t imagine ever switching. I fucking hate IE. Fucking. Hate. It.

Mail: GMail. Just recently I moved over to the wonderful world of Google. For years, I had a paid Yahoo account. However, more and more I started using Google products and just took the plunge and jumped in feet first. Never going back. Although, I need to start playing more with Google Wave…

Word Processing: Pages/Word. I had a wild hair and decided to see if could actually write in Pages and not use Word. For the most part, I can pretty easily. However, I do like Word’s thesaurus and dictionary better than Pages. I have Google Docs, but have never seriously done anything with them. I’ve got OpenOffice as well, but never really messed with it. One of my projects is turning my four issues of Slip Kid comic book script into a single pilot movie/television script and I’m going to use Scrivener.

Blogging Software: WordPress. I started out with Blogger, which I still like, but wanted a bit more on my website than what could get out of Blogger. So, I migrated to a paid server and found a WP template and probably will never look back. It’s almost done. You are likely reading this on the new site.

RSS Feeds: Google Reader. Over time I figured out that visiting the various websites I like was a pain in the ass. So, I started using My Yahoo! then migrated to Netvibes then finally Google Reader. It’s the best. It does make me want to go see what’s actually on my old My Yahoo! and Netvibes pages. There are a bunch of other alternatives, but I can’t see using anything besides GReader.

Photo Management: Flickr. I’ve had a free Flickr account forever and a day. I think at the beginning of the year, I’m going to buy a Pro account ($25 a year is pretty inexpensive). It will also force me to start archiving lots of photos. Right now I use iPhoto, but I’m thinking it might be fun to off site host all my pictures. I’ll probably also move my Facebook pictures over to Flickr with the Pro account.

Twitter Client: Tweetie/Seesmic. On my Macbook I use Tweetie, which I’ve been advocating Apple just buy and use as the default Twitter application on all new computers. I like the ease of managing multiple accounts with Tweetie. At work, I use Seesmic. I like it better than Tweetdeck. I’m not dissing Tweetdeck, but it just never felt right for me.

Personal Music/Video Player: iPod Touch 3.1.2.Currently, I have 1,888 songs, 33 videos, 110 photos and 35 applications. It’s the best audio/video/game system combo on the market. The only thing that would make it cooler was if it was also my phone.

Cell Phone: BlackBerry Storm: Do I like my BlackBerry Storm? I like it well enough. I like Verizon more and for far too long they had nothing but crap phones. So, I broke down a year ago and got a BlackBerry Storm. Now that Verizon has phones running Google’s Android OS, I will likely move to one of those phones as soon as I can. It is my hope Verizon has the iPhone on their network by the time I’m able to upgrade.