Google Reader versus Twitter versus Facebook

Social networking has fast become the norm for millions of people. If you are reading this, chances are you are on Twitter or Facebook updating the interwebz with your current status and what you are doing.

With Facebook, I’ve reconnected with dozens of friends from high school and college. Of course, when I say I’ve reconnected it pretty much means I’ve added them to my Friend list.

With Twitter, I’ve had the pleasure of arguing with real honest to goodness comic book creators like Rob Liefeld on the merits of Marvel versus DC Comics movies. I’ve also met a bunch of new friends and acquaintances via Tweetups.

However, I spend most of my online life with Google Reader.

I rarely go to actual websites anymore. I just use RSS feeds to push content to my Google Reader page/folders. I don’t always read every post from every feed. When you follow over 100 sites/blogs it’s impossible. However, I can easily scan, delete and move on with Reader. I also save many posts to read later.

With Facebook, I only follow people who I actually know/knew with only a few exceptions. On Twitter, I follow lots of people, but only people who I care about. I don’t auto followback. My conversations though are almost totally with people I know. Although I have had a few conversations with people on Twitter who I don’t know and that’s sometimes lots of fun.

I subscribe and unsubscribe from Google Reader feeds all the time. Same goes with Twitter. If you bore me, freak me out or weird me out – you’re gone. I’ve already separated people on my Facebook account into categories and I’ve organized everything into folders for Google Reader. Eventually, I will start using lists with Twitter.

Google Reader is about INFORMATION. Twitter is about PEOPLE. Facebook is about FRIENDS. There’s certainly overlap, but for the most part that’s how I do social media.

How ‘bout you?