My Vampires Don’t Sparkle…

I have a 14 year old daughter. She loves Twilight. Guess where I was this past weekend? Her friends were otherwise engaged so she was relegated to seeing New Moon with her old man. All things considered, she’d rather have been with her friends. Except, you know, I bought popcorn.
I sorta get this Twilight phenomenon. Edward’s a sexy, twinkling in sunlight, “vegetarian” vampire with cool mind reading powers. It’s a fantasy on the same level as any Harlequin romance. It’s just written directly for tween girls instead of their mothers. But of course, the mothers get all hot and bothered by it too.
The closest thing for my generation and gender has to be Star Wars and that wasn’t even a book series prior. In fact, with Twilight and Harry Potter before the fact they were successful teen book series first is actually an accomplishment. Yes, I read the Alan Dean Foster… AHEM… George Lucas… penned Star Wars novel back in the day. Although, I really haven’t pulled it off the shelf in decades. I don’t recall how much the screenplay was followed as a template for the novel. My gut says it was more a tie-in than anything original. It’s an interesting scenario. What if Star Wars was a successful original teen book series before it was turned into movies?
By the way, New Moon is bad only in that Bella is the weakest lead character I’ve ever encountered. She is the most appalling example of a “Mary Sue” in popular fiction in recent memory. Thank goodness my daughter has watched all seven seasons of Buffy and knows a powerful, dynamic and independent woman when she sees one.