Hearts, Keys and Puppetry Audio Book

At last, the Twitter book I contributed a few lines to, Hearts, Keys and Puppetry, is available as a free download at the BBC Audiobooks America blog. My lines are at the 7:40 mark of Chapter 1 and at 8:33 of Chapter 9. I almost got the last line of the entire audio book.

I recommend just downloading the nine chapters from the blog and start listening. Sure, the story is a bit like Alice in Wonderland, Oz and Coraline, but this production takes it much further than I thought possible. Katherine Kellgrin is simply amazing as the narrator.

Regardless, it was a neat little project and I’m quite happy to have taken part even if it was in a small way. Below is the release from BBC Audiobooks America:

Hearts, Keys, and Puppetry
By Neil Gaiman and the Twitterverse
Narrated by Katherine Kellgren
“Sam was brushing her hair when the girl in the mirror put down the hairbrush, smiled, and said, “We don’t love you anymore.”
So began the Twitter Audio project, with a dazzling first line penned by New York Times bestselling author Neil Gaiman. What followed was an epic tale of imaginary lands, magical objects, haunting melodies, plucky sidekicks, menacing villains and much more. From mystical blue roses to enchanted mirrors to pesky puppets, this classic fable was born from the collective creativity of more than one hundred contributors via the social network Twitter.com in a groundbreaking literary experiment.  Together, virtual strangers crafted a rollicking story of a young girl’s journey with love, forgiveness, and acceptance.
About the Narrator
Katherine Kellgren is an actress of film, television, and theater. She has appeared onstage in London, New York, and Frankfurt. She is a graduate of The London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art. Katherine has narrated numerous audiobooks and won various awards including the AudioFile Earphones Award, the Peabody Award and several Audie® Awards. AudioFile calls Katherine Kellgren a marvel with accents and a narrator for which to keep an ear out.
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