Why I am not a Republican

I like having political debates. I don’t like having these debates with people who are batshit crazy. I have friends and co-workers who would consider themselves Republicans or conservatives, yet I know I can have an honest debate with them about the merits of, say, preemptive military action or the proper size of the government. We might even agree on a few points such as national security and immigration.

The real problem is I can’t find these rational, level-headed right-wing individuals outside of a few close friends. They are in hiding. The intellectual Republican… the thinking man’s conservative… is no where to be found. The present day GOP is a white southern regional party lead by religious extremists, bigots, conspiracy theorists and other repugnant examples of humanity.

Today’s Republicans are more than just the party of “No.” They are a loud minority vocalizing things only small minded people agree with such as racist agendas, bigotry, homophobia and hatred for all things not white and non-Christian focused. They promote religious fanaticism and are completely anti-science and anti-reality (humans and dinosaurs together… really?).

Republicans support the hate speech of Michelle Malkin, Ann Coulter, Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh. They create anti-government idiocy such as tea parties and the birthers. They are ill-informed of reality… only the spin or the talking points and they can never give details.

Of course, the man in the hopefully figurative cross-hairs of their idiocy is President Obama. They can’t talk about policy. They can only attack in thinly disguised racism and hate. They throw bizarre conspiracy theories out into the wild hoping something will stick or resonate, but all they ever seem to do is shine a spotlight on their own craziness.

I will admit there are some left wing crazies as well. I’m not a big fan of Michael Moore and have only seen bits and pieces of his movies. I think he’s manipulative and skillful in the editing bay. However, I am a fan of Al Franken who I believe entered politics to make a difference and is quite intelligent. I don’t have an opinion of Nancy Pelosi and I think Alan Grayson has a huge career in front of him.

Is there a Republican I can support? Someone who is not beholden to conspiracy theories, is not a racist, anti-science or fanatically religious? Show me. I’ll be waiting. Probably for a very long time.