What Do You Love?

It’s Valentine’s Day weekend and I thought I’d share a few things I love, but leaving out some obvious choices like friends, family and the the like. What do you love?

Rock and roll super heroes… is there really anything better? You know, there are people who love KISS and there are people who LOVE KISS. I love the band, but I don’t have a basement dedicated to everything KISS with a pinball machine, a glass case full of pictures, magazines, trading cards, model kits, lunch boxes and who knows what. My collection pretty much is music, movies and books about the band. In fact, I just recently bought the Peter Criss solo album on vinyl the other day.  Still haven’t played yet.

Skyline chili
I have to thank my friend Andy for turning me on to the pleasure of heating up some frozen or canned Skyline chili. This isn’t just your run of the mill, average chili. It’s a spicy, flavorful chilidog topping first and then a bowl style second. I like mine with a handful of oyster crackers and cheddar cheese. I know you wanna try it.

Coffee / Tea
When I started drinking coffee, I’d take it with like five sugars and a ton of creamer. My co-workers at the time called it a milk shake. So, I started drinking it black. A perfectly brewed cup of coffee doesn’t need sugar or creamer. Unfortunately, I rarely come across a great cup of perfectly brewed coffee. I usually just add a few packs or spoonfuls of Splenda to take the bitterness edge off. On the other hand, tea is best with the right combination of heat, tea and sweetener. My favorites lately are Ginger Peach Decaf and Cinnamon Apple Spice.

Sleeping in on Sunday
Only the deeply religious would argue with my belief that everyone should sleep in on Sunday. I don’t go to church and haven’t in quite some time. I don’t need the social aspects nor do I feel the need to fill up some spiritual hole. To each their own, of course.

My Droid Eris
Easily the best phone I’ve ever owned. I have barely scratched the surface of what it can do, but my Eris already has exceeded my crappy Blackberry Storm. Next purchase will likely be an iPhone on the Verizon network, but maybe not. HTC + Google + Verizon Network = WIN.

Apple hardware and software
Working with Windows is a collection of frustration wrapped up in a desperate ringing of the hands. To do any basic work like word processing, email and web browsing a PC is adequate enough. However, if you want to do any other kind of work like photo manipulation, graphic design, layout or website creation, Windows sucks. If you like to build your own workstation with all your own parts and spend the time tweaking everything to your own personal settings, an Apple just isn’t for you. However, if you want a computer that just works like it should, buy an Apple.

Water parks
I think it might have been Walt Disney World’s Typhoon Lagoon that turned me on to water parks. There were a few waterslides around my hometown and I did happen to meet the two and a half hours away girl as we were heading to a water park, but giant tube slides and tall speed slides just didn’t exist. Pretty soon, my daughter and I will be heading to Key Lime Cove, an indoor water park in Gurnee.

The Godfather
I have only two movie posters in my apartment, Blade Runner and The Godfather. Both are movies I came to late in life. I tried to watch both, but never truly understood either until I had some experiences of my own and a bit more maturity in my tastes. Of the two, The Godfather is my favorite. The Italian-ness of the family reminded me of my own extended family to a certain degree. Not the mobster part, but the family comes first part.

The Legion of Super Heroes
When I was a kid, my Dad let me go up in the attic and pull out a dozen or so of his comics. He had boxes of comics, all bought for nickels and dimes, of his own money. I was consistently drawn to a group of young heroes from the future who all came from different worlds and had specific super powers. They fought intergalactic bad guys, had relationships, sacrificed themselves for the greater good, had easily one of the largest supporting casts in all of comics and made an enormous impression on me. I’m looking forward to reading the new series coming out later this year.

Mirror Universe/Parallel World Stories
My favorite Star Trek story involves an evil parallel universe where our characters are evil doppelgangers. My favorite comic book story is one where the Justice League meets evil counterparts from a parallel world. There’s just something about taking the heroes we know and love and twisting them, usually by adding an awesome goatee, into bad guys.

So, there you have it… ten things I absolutely love. What about you?