If It Makes You Happy

Here’s the first batch of things that make me happy. What about you?

Looking up while underwater
My daughter and I have decided that if given the chance, we would try scuba diving. Just from our experiences at the Urbana Aquatics Center with their 15 foot deep well, I know we’d love to go under and stay under. And, you know, still breathe. I love the weightless feeling of being underwater and looking up.

Staying up until 3am and everything is just hilarious
Here’s something I haven’t done in ages. Drinking usually isn’t even part of the equation. I like the half finished sentences or the single word that will bring me and my friends into fits of laughter. Rico Suave indeed.

Guilty pleasure songs
I bet you have one. I have dozens. Wanna know one of them? “Beat It.” The solo puts a smile on my face every time. Also that part where Michael makes some weird noise.

Driving around with the windows down on late summer nights
I spent many summers jamming in my car with my friends as we listened to Aerosmith and the Eagles. The night air and the highway mix into this scent that means summer to me.

Watching cream go into coffee
I have a nice travel mug of coffee every workday morning. I don’t always have cream with it, but I do love watching the inky blackness turn tan with a touch of creamer. I also love the hiss of Splenda hitting the hot coffee too.

Figuring out the plot twist in a movie before everyone else
I do this so often that I’m actually surprised when a movie is so original and engaging that I have no idea what’s going to happen next. The Departed did that. Inception did that too.

The moment of no return on a roller coaster
It’s the apex of the first hill as you climb and just get over the hump for the first drop. Riding the roller coaster at New York, New York in Vegas gave me that feeling in a big way.

Steering wheel drumming
I am the foremost steering wheel drummer on the planet. Give me a song I really know well and I’m on fire. My fingers actually hurt after a while, but I don’t stop. You can’t kill rock and roll.

Finding that perfect level of warmth under covers
Sometimes you can have too many covers and feel smothered. Other times too few covers and you can’t get comfortable. It’s like Goldilocks.