Things I Liked Best in 2010

The Outfit by Darwyn Cooke. The second in Cooke’s adaptation of Donald Westlake’s Parker series of graphic novels is a thing of beauty. Cooke’s pencils matched with the single color plus black makes a striking collection. Plus, the story of Parker has that same feel and style of a 60s caper movie.

Good Morning App on my Droid Eris. My favorite Android only app. Needs better voices, but this is exactly the type of alarm I had been looking for. I would imagine there would be an iPhone/iPod Touch application, but I don’t think one has appeared yet.

My iPad. The most compelling electronic gadget since the iPhone, the iPad is so utterly amazing and addicting you quickly dismiss the godawful name of the thing.

The Social Network. I’m pretty sure it’s gonna win the Best Picture Oscar. It’s for sure going to win the Best Adapted Screenplay Oscar. Critics loved it. I thought it was about as brilliant a total package (acting, cinematography, script, music) as you can get these days. Eisenberg is awesome as well as Timberlake. Still, it’s the music that really ties the whole thing together.

The first and third episodes of Sherlock. It’s really too bad most American audiences can’t handle a season of three 90 minute episodes because this was amazing television. Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman’s superb Holmes and Watson were perfectly cast and wonderfully updated for the 21st century (Watson as a blogger is brilliant as is the cool way text messages appear on the screen). The second episode just didn’t quite have the right level of zing to it as the other installments. Still, better than pretty much anything on American television.

Series 5 of Doctor Who. I presented this to my daughter and she ate it up like custard and fish sticks. She was hooked. I gave her the 2005 season and she devoured it and then didn’t stop until she was caught up somewhere about half-way through the Matt Smith incarnation. Anything older than the 2005 series holds no appeal, although she would like to watch the TV movie if I can track down a copy. Personally, I thought there was no way Smith could make me forget David Tennant’s Doctor yet he has given the character a real gravitas all the while looking like he’s just old enough to drink. A testament to his acting and the wonderful material (more or less) he was given.

Inception and the Inception Soundtrack. If The Social Network falters come Oscar time, I believe Inception picks up the ball and runs with it. Another complete blend of performance, story and music. In fact, throw in the Tron Legacy soundtrack and it was the first time in a long time I’ve been that excited by the music in the films before I saw the films. Nolan takes a dense and complicated script and infuses life in every frame. The acting is Oscar worthy from top to bottom.

Smodcast and the Smodcast Network. I listen to a lot of podcasts. One of my favorites was SMODCAST with Kevin Smith and Scott Mosier. At some point between Smith’s Cop Out and the upcoming Red State, Smith created a full network of related podcasts, some with him and some with others. He basically took his Q&A speaking engagement material added Mosier and made them free over the internet and then took it one step further by going on a mini-tour with live SMODCASTS and then took it further once again and set up a live theater gig for him and his friends to do weekly shows and make some side cash doing the most simplest of things – talking. By far the most brilliant new “thing” that happened all year.