Barack Obama for President

It is without any hesitation that I whole-heartedly endorse Barack Obama to be President of the United States. I will vote for him and I encourage everyone to vote for him. Alas, I’m sure several of you will not. Let me explain why I’m voting for President Obama and not Willard “Mitt” Romney. I don’t expect to change a single mind with this essay, but I want to expound upon my reasoning why I wish to have Obama continue as President and why I do not wish to have Romney occupying the White House.

President Obama is calm, cool and collected. He is not someone who acts without thinking. I don’t like my leaders to “shoot from the hip” and “damn the torpedoes.” My ideal President isn’t a cowboy or a fictional starship captain. Having a President who thinks before speaking has been a tremendous asset as the United States gains and needs international cooperation. By contrast, Romney, as evident with his commentary during the debates, likes to saber rattle with countries such as Russia, China and Iran. I’m not at all interested in posturing our way into a shooting war with those countries and it’s foolhardy to call these countries out just to make yourself look strong or “presidential” on television. You know, they do have television in those countries and they pay attention.

Mitt Romney isn’t much of a candidate. Back when the Republicans were trying to find a candidate, one by one a new joke of a challenger would demand the spotlight. Remember Herman Cain… Michele Bachmann… Rick Perry? The only sane one of the bunch was Jon Huntsman and he was never going to win over Tea Partiers. Everyone knew Romney was simply going to outlast these jokers and he did, but not before each of them had a moment in the sun because the voters really, really didn’t like Romney. They still don’t.

Mitt Romney is a man who has no clear positions or core beliefs. He’s a cynical, calculating schemer with no personal convictions. I’ve asked those who plan to vote for Romney what he stands for on immigration, health care, taxes and any number of issues. They tell me what they think his positions are (if they can) and if I refute them with video evidence of past positions they get upset and call Obama a socialist or change the subject. Mr. Romney has no core. He says whatever he needs to say to get votes and to get elected. He’s a pandering flip flopper and I have no idea what his position is on anything. Who votes for someone like that?

Mitt Romney has run a campaign focused entirely on lying. There is nothing he has not lied about: himself, Obama, his policies, Republican policies and the list goes on. When he has been caught lying, he doubles down on the lie as if saying it louder repeatedly would make it the truth. I believe the only time he was truthful is when he didn’t know he was being recorded and he said how much he despised the American people. It is completely unlikely Romney will win Ohio because he said Jeep was moving to China. Chrysler had to tell the American people it was and is a lie. Besides, Ohioans already knew it was a lie. If you can’t win Ohio, you are in for a long night come November 6.

The modern Republican party is so far removed from reality I have no idea who they represent except extremely rich, white males. Seriously, these politicians made it their standing policy to be against anything the President was for and it has hurt the country. If Obama said the sky was blue, Republicans would say how the sky had a well-known liberal bias. John Scalzi describes the Republican Party as such, “Its economic policies are charitably described as nonsense and its social policies are vicious; for a party which parades its association with Jesus around like a fetish, it is notably lacking in the simple compassion of the Christ. There is so little I find good or useful in the current national GOP, intellectually, philosophically or politically, that I genuinely look on it with despair and wonder when or if the grown-ups are ever going to come back to it.”

The President has done many things I like. To name a couple, he averted a second Great Depression, rescued the auto industry, ended “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” re-regulated Wall Street, destroyed al Qaeda, killed bin Laden and provided the foundations for universal healthcare in this country. His policies and political beliefs are largely in line with my own. He’s pragmatic and practical. No matter how many times the GOP screams he’s a socialist, the reality is he’s more center right than anything else. It’s the fact that the GOP is so far over to the right of the political spectrum they can’t see it any other way.

Obama is my choice simply because without a second term we would have an out of control deficit, millions without healthcare, possibly a new Middle Eastern war, no support for climate change or stem cell research, stupid amounts of money going to the Pentagon they didn’t even ask for, and the very real possibility of repealing Roe v Wade.

I can’t support the Republican party and I can’t support their candidate for high office. President Obama is pursuing a progressive agenda that I believe in. I want it to move faster and I want him to forget any chance of bipartisan cooperation. I would rather be on the right side of history when it comes to gay rights and women’s rights. I want science, reason and thoughtful debate to be the future keystones and not religion, superstition and dogma.

So those are the reasons I’m voting for Barack Obama instead of Willard “Mitt” Romney.