Dimming the Glow

I went to bed last night with my MacBook on my chest. The glow of the screen filled the room while my significant other softly and rhythmically breathed next to me. I was working on this updated version of my website/journal trying to add and subtract pieces of the puzzle. Other nights the soft glow of my iPad might be making my face look ghostly in the dark as I read.

When I awoke, it’s because it’s 6:30 in the morning and the Rise app on my iPhone is making soft chimes. I touch it to dismiss the alarm and then with a few swipes I’m reading the latest news, facebook or  twitter post or some other distraction.

By the way, distraction is absolutely the correct term. I look at my phone in line at the grocery store. I look at it during lunch and supper until I get a dirty look from my significant other. I’m mostly consuming on the device with the occasional creation of a blog post or an Instagram photo. It is the way we work, play and pass the time. In fact, I’m likely staring at a glowing monitor practically 16 hours a day. Perhaps, just perhaps, this might not be good for me.

So, I’m going to attempt something crazy. I’m going to not bring my iPad or MacBook to bed with me and do what I used to do to fall asleep—actually read a dead tree and glue made book. I have several on my bedside table, so I have nothing stopping me.

Reading a non-digital book… how quaint.