Do you have too much on your plate? I bet you do. How did that happen?

I wish I could float smoothly from project to project with the ease of self-assurance. I would love to be able to process information with the logic of a computer and make quick and insightful decisions and stand behind them for all eternity. Does that sound even remotely like reality?

I manage a great deal. It’s not the mark of a modern 21st-century person that managing one’s life is old hat. It isn’t. It just seems that way. We juggle so many things without even really pausing to think why we are doing these things or if they are good uses of our time.

Can you say no to a project given to you by your boss? Most of us would agree that saying no is not an option. Yet, self-help gurus constantly bemoan the fact that workers need to better manage what they can do for the most optimum outcome. How is that even possible with managers adding work to an already overworked staff? What are the priorities, and it can’t be everything?

Obligations. These are the things that have to get done. You have to pay your rent/mortgage, your bills, go to work, make dinner, etc, etc. The question is, do you spend time on your obligations or on the things that you want to do?