Meaningful Productivity

Shawn Blanc was thinking about productivity:

Productivity tends to be defined by how well we use our task management systems, how organized our calendar app is, how fast we can blaze through a pile of emails, and how fluidly we flow from one meeting to the next. But those metrics can skew toward rewarding effective busywork while giving little dignity to meaningful work.

What if we started defining productivity differently?

Less focus on our party trick of balancing many plates at once.

More focus on consistently giving our time and attention to the
things which are most important

That’s the trick isn’t it? I mean I may think writing in this blog is super important, but I know full well that my regular job is the place I need to focus my creative energy.

So what ends up happening with me is a longing to do the stuff I like, but knowing the other stuff is more important.

I spin a lot of plates in the air. My wife spins about fifty times more plates. Is it busywork or what’s important.

I’m having trouble figuring that out.