Baby Steps

She’s ready.

I wasn’t sure six months ago, but I am now. She’s ready to start her new adventure.

My 20 year old is transferring to a new university, living with three brand new people she’s never really met before and pursuing her dream of becoming a teacher. She found employment to help pay her way. She worked hard to save money and spent it wisely on fixing her car and a new computer.

Her level of responsibility grew in the last six months. I couldn’t be more proud of her. Living, essentially, on her own will ratchet her responsibility level a hundred fold.

But she’s ready.

She learned how to handle some adversity. No more running to a parent first to get her out of a jam. She handles obstacles with thoughtfulness and critical thinking. Anticipatory thinking has become more second nature.

Having a reliable group of family and friends to ask when hitting a problem she’s not sure how to tackle has been revelatory. Google is her friend, too.

With some help, she set up a budget and created a workable way to handle her finances.

She’s excited to make a few meals for her new roommates and I’m hoping at least one of the three becomes a good friend.

Her level of excitement has gone into overdrive as well as her level of fear. She knows we can help her (and will help her), but she also knows it’s time to grow up and put on some big girl pants and take command of her own life. She’s turning that fear into anticipation, even though the fear bubbles up from time to time.

But she’s ready.

She leaves in a couple of weeks and I’m excited for her and her new adventure. My heart is full and I’m incredibly proud of her accomplishments. She is a smart, charming, wonderful young woman and I love her with all of my heart. She’s gonna do great.

Two years ago, she moved in with us with more growing pains then I care to remember. Two weeks from now she heads off on her own. It’s a baby step, but its like that first one after letting go of the furniture.

My baby is leaving the friendly confines of home and community college and taking her first large steps at a major university.

Her first steps into a larger world.

But she’s ready.