A Chuckle of Clowns

So, there was this Republican debate thing that happened last Thursday.

This far out from actual primary voting, who knows who will break out from the pack and gain some momentum? However, there is the Trump factor which added a sense of reality television programming to the whole affair. I saw where a few people were calling it a bad episode of The Apprentice or America’s Got Talent. If it was up to me, I’d say  it was more So You Think You Can Dance? Ten candidates dancing around Trump trying to score points.

I didn’t watch the JV team “debate” because I don’t think any of them have a snowball’s chance in hell of being the nominee. All the commentary was about how Carly Fiorina won the kid’s table debate which means close to nothing in terms of becoming the nominee.

Basically, I thought Rubio looked good, but stumbled on the abortion challenge question. I think he’s pushing to be a viable vice president pick.

Jeb! was incredibly nervous and came across that way. He completely fumbled the Bush name question and confused his “I’ve earned it” line with his laughable “Veto Corleone” line. I don’t understand why he has garnered so much money for his campaign.

Scott Walker was bland, boring and looks like a human-ferret hybrid. He had one good line about the Clinton emails and that’s it. He might also be a viable vice president pick, but I kinda doubt he could win re-election let alone turn Wisconsin into a red state.

Cruz and Huckabee are scary. I get nervous around candidates who wear their religion like a shroud. I don’t think they have much chance with the Republican establishment either and I think their moment in the spotlight is diminishing.

Christie had a bit of fight in him, but I think he’s so far behind his candidacy is already fading. His exchange with Rand Paul was the highlight. Speaking of Paul, his handlers must have told him to attack but it backfired pretty much every time. Christie put him in his place with the hug line and Trump told him he was having a pretty bad night.

Who’s left? Dr. Carson is completely out of his depth and is in this only to increase his speaking fees. Kasich was trying to appeal to a broader group of voters and got applauded because he attended a gay wedding. He also had some of that hometown crowd thing going on.

Which leaves us with Trump.

From the first question, it was obvious Fox News was trying to put a stop to the Trump train. Unfortunately, Trump cannot be shamed into dropping out. He has no honor with which to be ashamed of disparaging. You can’t laugh at him. You can’t belittle him. You can’t dismiss him and you can’t ignore him. Sure, he’s a bully and a misogynist, but the more Republican strategists try and attack him, the more he looks like a victim and the more support he’ll gather from a base ready to throw the “establishment” out.

He’s a clown in a sea of clowns.

Look, he’s not a dumb guy. He’s a rich asshole who was born with millions and turned it into more millions via real estate, casinos and acting like a rich asshole on television. He has extensive on camera experience and unlimited funds. He looks and sounds different because he doesn’t give a shit what anyone else thinks. The other candidates are beholden to rich donors and other party leaders. Trump doesn’t have any qualms saying whatever he thinks. He’s not particularly thoughtful or measured. He’s a bull in a china shop.

Is that the kind a person you’d want leading the United States of America? Of course not. Although, it certainly makes for good television. If he were to become the nominee Clinton would decimate him in a general election. In fact, I think Bernie Sanders would beat him handily too. Polls suggest that Republican voters love watching him do his schtick now, but would be abhorred to have him at the top of the ticket. Republican party leaders understand this and are scared shitless.

They only have themselves to blame. They are the ones with their media outlets and talking heads whipping up a base who can’t stand anyone different from themselves. Trump is telling them exactly what they want to hear, but I expect it won’t last long. As soon as he slips out of the top, he’ll find an excuse to bow out.

So, what are Republican voters left with? A group so uninspiring, they must long for the majesty of Mitt Romney. My cloudy crystal ball says Bush is going to be the likely nominee and he’ll pick Walker or Rubio as his VP. On the Democrats side, it’s extremely likely Clinton will get the nomination allowing for another Clinton vs Bush brawl.

Unless Trump throws his hairpiece into the ring. What a circus that would be.