The Blank Page

I’m in a writing about writing mood. It makes dealing with the blank page easier, but I’m not sure it provides decent content.

When writing fiction, I tend to edit as I go and not bang out a shitty first draft and then go back and fix things. I know it might feel better when you’ve gotten the thing out of your head, but I don’t really work that way. I should probably set myself to write 2,000 words or something, but I’m unsure.

The blank page rarely frightens me, but I’m terrible in making the effort to put something on it. Still I do feel the momentum of writing as soon as I get the first few words/thoughts/ideas down on the paper/screen. I like to keep going. Keep pushing.

I have to get started though. Getting started is the kicker. Sometimes the problem is finishing, but I think, for me, getting started is the real trick.