If I Could Turn Back Time

There are times, such as when I’m in an argument with my wife, when I wish I could go back in time and stop myself from doing/saying/etc. something incredibly stupid. It would be great to hop in my TARDIS/DeLorean/Hot Tub Time Machine and prevent whatever dumb thing I did. The next best thing would be to have never did/said/etc. the the incredible stupid thing to begin with.

It can only come with what my fiancé has coined: Anticipatory Thinking.

It means thinking before you speak, but also reviewing potential consequences from a variety of options and choosing the best one. I’m terrible at this.

I do not always think before I speak. This has gotten me into loads of trouble over the years. I offend people all the time and have no idea I’ve ever come across poorly. I’m often tone deaf to the ridiculousness that I convey. It is quite possibly my greatest weakness.

If I was asked what super-power I wish I could have, my answer would not be flying or turning invisible. I’d wish for the ability to stop time.

If I could give myself an unlimited amount of time to figure out the best way to navigate through my life, I’d be perfect. I could stop time for a year and write a novel, learn how to play the guitar, read every book I’d ever want to.

When confronted with an issue or a problem, I could stop time and learn everything there is about the problem and have an answer.

I could stop time at the moment I went to bed and give myself all the rest I’d ever need.

Unfortunately, I can’t stop time or even fly around the Earth super fast and turn back time to fix any dumb mistakes. The only thing I can do is master the time I have better. Practice anticipatory thinking to make sure I don’t run the risk of inserting my foot in my mouth.

We only have a finite amount of time and no one knows when it stops, why wouldn’t anyone want to use it to its maximum potential?