It’s Good to Create

I want to do a million things… write a book, maybe start a business, learn to play the guitar better, learn how to code, get in better shape, make something worthwhile.

But I keep putting it off.

I make excuses. I don’t have the time or the energy. So much to do at my “real” job, with my family, or I just need to sleep. The future is that mythical place with all the time in the world.

Here’s the thing. You have to make the time. You have to carve out that chunk of time and do something in it. Work out. Write, read, learn, go to a class. It doesn’t matter. Time moves far too quickly and before you know it… all that time is gone.

Everyone has the same amount of time in a day. It’s what you do with it that makes a difference. It is a precious commodity, but it’s yours to shape and bend to your will.

I want to write that damn book and work on this fun writing project and spend quality time with my wife, daughter, step-daughters, and the rest of my family. All I have to do is make the time and, as Nike says, just do it.

So, my goal is to bring new creative things into my world and yours. Not because I want to make money or change my life. Just because it is good to create.

What are you going to make this year?