Slurring the Conversation

When Jason Heyward returned to Busch Stadium as a Chicago Cub, St. Louis Cardinals fans booed him. They booed him because he left the Cardinals for the Cubs and the rivalry is, shall we say, heated. That’s baseball. However, The New York Daily News published a story that St. Louis fans used racial slurs towards Heyward.

The story also embeded tweets from people claiming Cardinals fans were using slurs toward Heyward, but in none of them is it clear whether the people were at the game or actually heard the slurs over the air. Deadspin, a site that absolutely hates the St. Louis Cardinals, researched the story and came to the conclusion, no slurs are audible on the broadcast.

As of this writing, there’s been no correction by the Daily News and the story is still up.

Unacceptable. The bottom line: there is not currently, and never was, audio of Cardinals fan yelling racial slurs at Jason Heyward.