Why I’m voting for Hillary Clinton

This is it. The final countdown. The end is nigh. I hope it turns out the way I want it to because I think if Trump wins the election the country is going to regret it immediately.

It’s why I’m voting for Hillary Clinton.

Look, I understand she isn’t exactly going to win any popularity contests. You may not like her policies on gun control or immigration or climate change. However, she is by far the most qualified person on the planet to become the next President of the United States. Many of you, me included, would have loved to have President Obama around for another four years. Many of you want change, and I will respectfully disagree with you.

I’m voting for Hillary Clinton and against Donald Trump, because he is a misogynist, a non-stop liar, and a scam artist. He is simply unqualified and unfit for the job.

Donald J Trump is a con man. If you vote for him, you are the literal representation of P. T. Barnum’s sucker born every minute. He is a grifter, a weave-wearing tangerine-colored demagogue, an admitted sexual predator, a know-nothing ignoramus, an egocentric sexist with a Napoleon complex about his hands and his dick. He does not care about you. He cares about his brand. He cares about hearing his name on the news.

Donald J Trump is a used car salesman in an ill-fitting suit. He is peddling his racism, nationalism and sexism at every rally in the hopes the suckers keep admiring him, keep giving their money to him and keep stroking his ego.

He’s a game show host. A tax fraud. A draft dodger. A conspiracy theorist. A blowhard. A wannabe. He’s new money. He’s one of those annoying people who inherited a lot of money and feels like he hit a triple instead of realizing they were born on third. He’s a baby with the temperament of a two-year-old.

If elected, he’ll defer all of the real work to Mike Pence and Paul Ryan. He’ll be a figurehead. The punchline to every late night joke. If elected, I’d wager he’ll be impeached in his first year.

His whole campaign was to increase his brand and he never really thought he’d get this far. Most importantly, he really doesn’t want to be President.

Hillary Clinton, most assuredly, does.

The ability to help families, grow the middle class and expand healthcare for everyone is what the Presidency means to her. She will ensure progressive gains will keep moving forward. As Secretary of State, she was respected around the world and she will take that respect to the White House.

She is one of the most transparent candidates in recent history. From the moment she was First Lady of Arkansas to Secretary of State, her life has been in the spotlight. We know practically everything about her–from tax returns to detailed policies. There are few people in political life whose personal and public life has been so aggressively investigated. We aren’t going to get that from Trump. Ever. He’s hiding something in his taxes and not releasing them is cause enough to disqualify him.

She isn’t warm. She isn’t a natural performer or politician like President Obama. It’s why he beat her in 2008. However, she is a policy wonk. She gets things done. She has tremendous experience working with Republicans as a senator and with world leaders on the international stage as First Lady. It’s why Obama chose her as Secretary of State.

I’m voting for Clinton because she represents a position on the issues that I’m in agreement with practically across the board. I want her agenda to be the American agenda.

I’m also voting for Hillary instead of Trump so the worms of this campaign season – the racists, anti-Semites, intolerant religious creeps, and bullies don’t get to stay in the sunshine under their new name of “alt-right.” They do not deserve a moment longer in the sun.

I am not voting for Hillary Clinton because she is a woman. Although, her experience as a woman and a mother will bring a unique perspective to the job. When she wins, as I think she will, she will instantly be even more of an inspiration for every little girl and as the father of girls this makes me happy and proud.

The polls are tightening as they do around this time. It probably doesn’t mean much. Millions of votes have already been cast with early voting in several states. Millions more have already made up their mind. The press will jump to conclusions on emails and hidden servers and whatever else pops up between now and Tuesday. Stories will be filled trying to make the whole thing a race, but the bottom line reality is Clinton is in the lead in electoral votes and has been from pretty much the moment both candidates became the standard bearers. She’s highly likely to win, but I’m not taking it for granted.

It’s why I’m voting for Hillary Clinton.