Talk Less, Smile More

It took me a while to give the Hamilton musical a shot (see what I did there?). Because of varying circumstances, I never moved past the first seven songs. I, of course, ended up listening to those over and over which is a good thing because with those seven you get the majority of the themes and players of the musical.

Recently, I finally finished listening to the entire soundtrack. I’m not ashamed to admit, it moved me to tears. I listened again from start to finish and the story pulled the same emotion out of me a second time. I venture to say I might be a balling mess if I ever saw a live performance.

If you were wondering about all the hype and haven’t tried listening to the soundtrack, I highly recommend you simply give the first seven songs a chance. Listen to them several times. If “My Shot” and the “The Schuyler Sisters” don’t grab you and you think “You’ll be Back” is weird, then this isn’t for you. However, if you start to want to hear more… keep going through Act I. My guess is “History Has It’s Eyes On You” will make an impression and from then you’ll be hooked.

And once you get through the whole thing… make sure you have some tissues.

Below is a good primer on the music and musical. As good as this is, I’d rather hear the whole thing with the original cast.