Star Trek: Discovery Feels Like a Swing and Miss

I’m not going to mince words: Star Trek: Discovery is confusing and weird with conflicting production stories and an off-putting viewing schedule. That being said, the cast, teases and images of the show look pretty good. Except the main ship. Old school Star Trek fans are already turned off by all the out of continuity designs. I just think the ship looks like crap.

It doesn’t look “retro.” It looks like a terrible design from the 70s that should never have seen the light of day. The saucer section’s rings within rings and the globe thing in the middle are just dumb. Whatever the thing is sticking out of the deflector dish (the glowing thing at the front of the secondary hull) is stupid. Overall, it looks bulky and ugly.

Falling down the geek rabbit hole so bear with me… I don’t have any real understanding of what this show is going to be about and when it takes place. Established timelines for Star Trek are pretty important, but they can be magically waived away if it serves the story. I can’t tell if the creators don’t really care about any sort of continuity or are going to explain it all away. My guess is this show is going to be yet another alternative universe.

Can the powers that be just read what I wrote about creating a new Star Trek television show? What will it take to just reboot Star Trek for television and start over?