One Good Thing

Patrick Rhone is on an extended sabbatical, but occasionally he sends out a newsletter. His latest started out this way:

Of the many, many, things I love about my little girl, perhaps the chief among them is this; when meeting a stranger, she’ll notice and point out one good thing and compliment them on it. She’ll say, “I like your earrings” or “I like your shirt” or “I think your haircut looks nice”. Last night, it was our server in a restaurant. A few hours before, our cashier at the grocery. But, she does this without prompting and without fail and has now for years, shortly after she learned to talk. I once asked her about this; about why she does it. Her response; “It fills people up.”

He wants to start a movement based on his daughter’s kindness. He’s calling it the “One Good Thing Method” — find one good thing in everyone and everything and if the opportunity arrises let other’s know. I’m completely enamored with this concept even thought I rarely practice it in real life.

The real lesson here is that thinking positively and finding one good thing helps you. Also, it adds up. Saying one good thing to five people helps each of those people once but helps you five times. Thinking one good thing about five bad situations helps you five times. Like the best methods, the one good thing method scales to benefit and reward those that practice it often.

Patrick is right. Practice makes perfect.