Deep Space Nine Innings

Corbin Smith at Deadspin combines two of my passions into one interesting article. Star Trek Deep Space Nine has an interesting obsession with baseball and his article explains how it all comes together.

In fact, Take Me Out To The Holosuite” is in my top five Star Trek episodes of any version.

I love this bit the most.

In the future, there is just one baseball, and it sits on Commander Ben Sisko’s desk. He likes baseball, even though it is for all intents and purposes a dead sport. His human comrades on DS9 don’t even have any idea what the hell he’s talking about. But then some wild shit happens. On the first assignment of his new command, Ben accidentally flies into a stable wormhole and encounters aliens who live there. They are non-corporeal, non-linear creatures who exist in one space but also in all times at once. As such they have very little context for linear time. Ben explains it to them by using baseball, a sport in which one thing happens after another.