Hippie Spock is the Best Spock

I might have learned my lesson. Stay with me here. I had a lot of trouble with the look and feel of Star Trek Discovery. I didn’t like the ship design, the costumes, the interior design, the make-up design, and the Klingons. And I hadn’t watched a single second of the show. To me, the canon changes were hard to get over.

This was, in retrospect, a mistake.

I still hate the look and feel of the Klingons. I still hate the look of the ship. However, I really do like the cast. Way more than anyone cast in Voyager or Enterprise.

And most importantly, I didn’t give up on the show and actually looked forward to finishing out the first season. The pilot was an incomprehensible mess. Luckily, it got better as the season progressed.

It certainly helps as a Star Trek fan to treat this show simply as an alternate universe. Once you do that, it all makes much more sense. The show ultimately wanted to do a hard reboot on Star Trek and then got cold feet. I know there was a ton of turmoil behind the scenes as well and it certainly affected the look and feel.

Making the show a prequel was the biggest mistake. Fifty years of continuity and canon get thrown out and long time fans lose their collective minds. They could have set the show 100 years past Star Trek Nemesis, changed a few characters and it would have worked much better.

But I digress.

Ultimately, Star Trek Discovery wasn’t terrible. I actually kind of enjoyed it. I had figured out the central mystery about five episodes ahead of the crew and that was disappointing, but putting that aside it was decent science fiction and below average Star Trek.

I think with Season 2, they may actually hit their stride. Just like with Star Trek Next Generation, the show never really figured itself out until later seasons. It didn’t jump out of the gate practically perfect in every way. I expect Discovery is about to do the same.

Which brings me to the trailers for Season 2. Let’s watch the first one.

Lots of humor here. More accurate uniforms. An interesting mission. Damn you for making me excited.

Once they had the cliffhanger of the Captain Pike-lead Enterprise showing up at the end of Season 1, I knew they were going to have to cast Spock. My gut said the whole season was going to be a search for Spock (ahem) and there would be a joint rescue mission with Discovery and Enterprise.

Looks like I was partially wrong. The A plot of the mysterious seven lights is good. The red angel thing is suitably creepy. I’m not sure if it’s going to be Romulans or Iconians or something completely different. I hope it’s something different.

In fact, I hope these lights end up being part of a greater story explaining the canon discrepancies. What if we realize Star Trek Discovery is really a pocket universe and the seven lights are cracks in space-time? What if the real timeline is trying to break in?

Next, we get the second trailer with a bit more of the crew, mission, and the big reveal at the end.

I was pretty excited when I read about the Spock casting. I think Ethan Peck will do a fabulous job.

The reveal of Spock’s beard and long hair I’m sure prompted some to think some Mirror Universe shenanigans were afoot, but I don’t think so.

So, I’m intrigued by what this season brings. It looks more fun, less bleak, more mysterious, less dumb Klingon-y, more Michelle Yeoh, less Mirror Universe crossovers.

I’m on board for more Star Trek. Let’s see what’s out there.

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