My Inbox is for You

Back in May, Marius Masalar shared some thoughts on people who say they’re bad at email:

Seeing how others treat email reinforces my own desire to be better at it. To be respectful of others’ time and inboxes. I like to think that I’m good at email, which is to say I keep track of what annoys me about how others do it and try to avoid those pitfalls in my own usage. […]

You miss out on a lot by being bad at email”. I have more sympathy now for those who find themselves in that situation, but I’m also more convinced than ever that it’s worth the effort to dig yourself out.

I’m on the side of bad at email. My work inbox is full. I never delete anything. The spout keeps flowing and I never turn it off. I don’t take care of what’s in my in box once I’ve addressed the reason I received an email in the first place.

Part of it is that I rarely get unsolicited emails. I just need to set more rules and be more ruthless about taking care of/archiving/deleting the deluge I get on a weekly basis.

I’d probably feel better.