The Monday Blues

Have you heard? The Monday Blues exist. Anxiety! Sadness! Stress! Some even start feeling it Sunday night. The dreaded Monday morning happens every six days. The horror!

Even if you enjoy your work, shouldn’t the work week and the weekend be simpatico and not enemies of each other? The only way I see that working is to not work so much on the weekend and find some personal me time. For example, last Sunday I spent two hours in the morning drinking coffee before anyone else was up. It might have been the best part of my weekend. Of course, I’m sure plenty of you have jobs where you have to work weekends. My wife is a prime example.

The solution then is to find ways to relax and unwind in the evenings and, yes, even the weekend–coffee in the morning, an extended and uninterrupted hot shower or bath, Netflix and chill. Find what works for you.

Otherwise, every day is a Monday and nobody wants that.

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