What Me Worry?

Dave Pell, master of the NextDraft email newsletter, linked to an article on Motherboard about what worried you most about the future?” He decided to throw his hat into the ring and write about his worries.

As managing editor of the internet, I’m constantly worried about what the next five minutes of the news cycle will bring. But what worries me the most? Three things that are closely related: The widening economic divide, the growing contempt between people with different political views, and the increasingly obvious signs that fascism in on the rise in many parts of the world. I’m also quite worried about how today’s political climate will impact my kids. Those of us who have been around for a while like to preach the refrain: This isn’t normal. But my kids are ten and twelve. This is the only political environment they’ve ever known. To them, it’s normal. What gives me hope? That topic is not really in my wheelhouse, but I’ll give it a shot: First, I think lot of people in my generation thought that the trajectory towards progress on issues like racial and gender equality was a given. The last few years have been a reminder that nothing is a given. Everything is political. Everything takes work. It feels like people have been awakened to that reality and are re-engaging in the fight. And second, these seem like crazy times. But we’ve faced worse. A lot worse. We got this.

I tend to agree. We got this. It will get better and the fight toward a better tomorrow will continue.

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