The Agnew Way Out

Chris Matthews on Hardball suggested a way Trump could save himself and his family. His idea is for Donald Trump to resign the presidency in exchange for Mueller’s team not indicting him and his adult children for Federal crimes.

The president’s children stand right in the line of Mueller’s investigative progress — they stand as the next dominos to fall. But therein lies the problem, where earlier Mueller subjects have given Trump up, these two lack the option to do that. They can hardly testify against their father, which brings the country to the reckoning. If the prosecutor will not be stopped and the kids will not fall to him, we see the president’s adult children heading to prison.

But what if the prosecutor were to offer the president an alternative, what if he were to say he would let the children walk if the old man does the same? They get to go scot-free if he’s willing to take the Agnew way out. That would mean giving up the presidency in exchange for acquittals all around, not just for himself, but for all his kids.

The Agnew way out” is in reference to the resigning of Spiro Agnew, President Nixon’s vice president, who had to resign due to tax evasion. It’s why we had a President Gerald Ford instead of a President Agnew after Nixon resigned.

This concept might work for Federal crimes, but I don’t see how the State of New York would agree not to bring indictments on the whole Trump family as they are deep into investigating the Trump Foundation and Organization. In any case, Trump would never take a deal like that because if indictments did fall on his kids, he would immediately pardon them, probably attempt to fire Mueller, and we’d have a massive constitutional crisis facing the country. Of course, a pardon is also an admission of guilt and it would add fuel to the State of New York’s case against the family.

I’m sure we will see how this all plays out in the first few weeks of 2019. I still believe the only way out of this everyday crazy” is by voters relieving Trump of his hold on the presidency in 2020.

We are in dangerous territory. I expect all three of Trump’s children and his son-in-law to be indicted at any time. When that happens all hell is going to break loose.