The Role of the Deceased Mouse

Roger Sherman, writing for The Ringer, had this visually entertaining bit of writing in his story on Clemson throttling Alabama in the College Football National Championship.

“When did you feel that you had broken their will?” ESPN’s Rece Davis asked Clemson head coach Dabo Swinney on the championship podium after the game. Davis later asked starting quarterback Trevor Lawrence, “When did you feel that you guys had complete and total control of the game?” These are the types of questions you would like to ask a boa constrictor about the small mammal it just strangled and ate. For a decade, Alabama has been the boa constrictor; Monday, the most dominant college football program of the century was relegated to the role of the deceased mouse.

I watched exactly zero downs of the College Football National Championship and while I probably would have enjoyed the spectacle it didn’t hold much interest for me. Sherman’s hot take―that the college football hierarchy has been upturned is probably true. I don’t know. However, I do know I wouldn’t want to be that mouse.

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