Anti-Social Media

Nabil Nadreck” Maynard recently had a post about going on a social media diet. This concept fascinates me. In his post, he links to videos by John Green and Derek Muller.

Muller’s Anti-Social Media video is really insightful. His background in filmmaking lets him see the meta nature of a lot of social media, and in turn, he feels how fake the whole thing is. Just take seven minutes out of your life and watch it.

The thing that really drives me nuts, as you saw in this rant of a video is thinking about the reasons people post to social media. Of course we’re drawn to the dopamine spikes we get when our posts get likes and comments, this leads us to post more and more engaging content. This is just what the platforms want us to do but I argue it’s disadvantageous to our social lives and to our lives period. If you always have that process running in the background searching out the perfect photo or the right moment, how do you ever live in the moment?

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