What American Hears When the Press Makes Fun of the Way the President Eats

Annaliese Griffin, writing for Quartz, makes an interesting case regarding the whole “feed the Clemson Tigers room temperature fast food” fiasco.

She postulates that when publications such as The New Yorker and The Atlantic make fun of Trump’s culinary choices, it comes across as elitist. Consequently, if you like steak well done with ketchup, burrito bowls, and Filet-O-Fish sandwiches you have no taste too. Just like the President.

There’s nothing wrong with enjoying fast food, but this was a celebration at the White House. It’s not like he doesn’t own a hotel with, I’m sure, a world-class restaurant just down the road that couldn’t have catered the meal.

Trump hates formal dinners and this was his way of thumbing his nose at the very thought of being a decent host.

Trump buying McDonald’s, Wendy’s, and the like for a celebration at the White House is classless. It’s classless because Trump has no class. Even if he was trying to “connect with the young people,” he isn’t culturally savvy enough to even order In and Out Burger, Shake Shack or Popeye’s. The whole thing was a photo-op to show his supporters he’s “one of them” and the Clemson Tigers were no more props than cold fries on a silver platter.