The Graphical Branding of Pete Buttigieg

The Graphical Branding of Pete Buttigieg

An extremely online campaign

I’m a sucker for brand guides. I love the breakdowns designers put together regarding fonts, colors, logo usage, and all of that stuff. How a brand is presented is incredibly important because it showcases how they want to be seen and how much thought has been put into the materials. For me, it means they care about presentation, look, and feel. A brand that has shoddy branding tends to make me feel it’s a shoddy product.

The branding guidelines and tookit for the Presidential run of Mayor Pete Buttigieg are anything but shoddy. They are downright glorious.

The branding site put together by his campaign feels incredibly modern, with the strongest presidential identity since Obama. The state graphics are the icing on the cake. Each is custom designed, and the artist is credited.

The work is unique, eye-catching, and the whole site fits what I’ve seen so far of Buttigieg’s public persona and campaign tone.

I admit I haven’t taken a deep dive into all the candidate websites, but this one certainly deserves all the praise.