Teenage Pricks

Alex Pareene, writing for The Baffler, has an incredible long read about Trumpism, young boys, and race. He opens with this perfect paragraph.

A bit of symbolic generational warfare has always suffused American politics, with various cliques of self-appointed adults in the room” dismissing challengers to the status quo as immature, idealistic, or juvenile. But when it comes to figuring out what This Whole Trump Thing really means, actual juveniles are reading at several grade levels above the sophisticated adults. While editors send reporters to do anthropological fieldwork in the Rust Belt, and Democratic senators from red states fret over precisely how many unqualified ideologues they must confirm for lifetime seats on the judiciary in order to win re-election, teenagers have had the whole deal figured out from the beginning. They present their findings regularly, if you know where to look.

The teenagers get it because Trumpism is nothing more than adolescent sulking, raging, and ranting. They not only sympathize, they understand the well-spring of bullying and misogynistic tendensies and embrace it.

When will the adults in the room take over?

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