Your Future Self

In many ways, right here is where I write daily. Sometimes it’s just a quick snippet or commentary on someone else’s piece of writing that I’ve shared. I’ve never ever been good at keeping a diary. I’m more of a commonplace book” guy than writing down what I did that day or how I’m feeling.

Thinking about all of this reminded me of a post by Derek Silvers about the benefits of daily writing. He had a paragraph that resonated with me.

If you’re feeling you don’t have the time or it’s not interesting enough, remember: You’re doing this for your future self. Future you will want to look back at this time in your life, and find out what you were actually doing, day-to-day, and how you really felt back then. It will help you make better decisions.

Writing every day in a journal/diary made a huge difference for him. I wonder if it will make a difference for me? Maybe it might for you too?

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