My Cousin the Major Leaguer

Donnie Kwak, writing in The Ringer, has a fun, inspirational story about the newest St. Louis Cardinal, Tommy Edman.

In short: Tommy is a rookie with a total of 55 MLB plate appearances. These are early days yet, and pro sports could care less about your feel-good stories. But seeing Tommy shine on the biggest stage has already brought me so much joy. For his entire life, he singularly dedicated himself to get to the highest level of his profession, and through practice and hard work and perseverance, he reached it. His family’s euphoria while watching him thrive is amplified by the elation of countless Cards fans after a big Tommy play. They’re cheering for Tommy—and in some tiny way, they’re cheering for his mom, his dad, for all of us. Long may it continue. My cousin made it to the big leagues, and I wouldn’t bet against him sticking around.

What a warm, joyful story.

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