Chuck Klosterman is Here for the Weirdness

Bryan Walsh, in the new GEN publication on Medium, has a fascinating interview with Chuck Klosterman ostensibly about his new book of short fiction, Raised in Captivity: Fictional Nonfiction. Of course, it dives into the commercial challenge of short stories, the sophistication of readers, consuming text, and a career writing.

My favorite quote is at the end.

I feel incredibly fortunate that I entered journalism when there was essentially no internet and I will leave when the internet is all there is. I completely saw this evolution and experienced it in totality. I think if there’s ever a point in my life when I want to write about it, I’ll be in a good position to do so. So, I’m glad. Is it weird? Of course it’s weird, but I’m glad that I was there for all the weirdness.

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